Kale, Red Russian 100g


A 100g bag (one bunch) of Red Russian Kale leaves.

10 in stock (also available on back-order)

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Product Description

Broad, flat leafed kale, full of flavour. Ideal steamed as a side dish, or chopped into soups and stews. Can be used in place of spinach.

The red in the name refers to the purple colouration of the stems. This is more pronounced in cooler climates so will be quite subtle on our leaves as we grow them in fairly warm conditions.

Being a high source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, and manganese, Kale is a firm favourite eaten raw in smoothies. This variety can provide a refreshing alternative flavour to those more easily available.

Note: this listing is for mature leaves, we are not currently harvesting baby leaves for salad. If you would like to see baby kale for salad, please let us know!


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