Growing the freshest herbs, salad and microgreens for the local restaurants and residents of Archway and North London

What We Grow

We grow and sell locally to guarantee the freshest possible produce of the highest quality


We’re talking Basil, Mint, Coriander, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. We’re also trialling more exotic varieties like Thai Basil and Chinese Chives. Herbs are our primary product because freshness is so important to guarantee great flavour.


Lettuce doesn’t have to taste of nothing! By growing indoors and selling locally we can select varieties for their flavour instead of being limited to those that will grow in our British climate and withstand transportation.


We’re also growing leafy greens such as kale and chard, along with pac choi and boc choi. By growing oriental varieties in the UK we can eliminate the negative environmental effects of refrigerated air shipping.


These are tiny plants, slightly older than shoots and closely resembling cress. These are grown from the seeds of familiar varieties (like radish and coriander) but are harvested at two to three weeks while the leaves are young and packed with nutrients.


We think the time has come to turn the tide on traditional agriculture (this green monoculture deserts and refrigerated long haul shipping) and instead we're bringing the freshest, most locally produce produce right to you. You've heard of microbreweries, now meet the micro farm!
We're using the latest technology to bring the farm to your door

Space is limited in London and we didn't have the option to start a traditional farm in N19 so we're growing indoors instead.

We may not use the sun directly, but we get all our electricity from renewable resources. We then turn that electricity into light that is fine tuned for growing plants.

Using hydroponics means we don't need soil. We can provide everything our plants need to thrive in a recirculating nutrient rich solution. This limits waste in many ways. It also lets us produce the tastiest freshest produce.

Another advantage of indoor growing is climate control. When it's blowing a gale outside it's always summer in our indoor farm and the plants love it.

  • LED Lighting

    This super efficient lighting makes sustaining indoor growing a reality.

  • Vertical Growing

    By growing 'up' as well as out we can grow up to 20 times as much produce in the same space

  • Hydroponics

    Growing plants in water instead of soil helps them grow faster by giving them everything they need to thrive

  • Climate Control

    We all like to be indoors during foul weather and plants do too. They get the ideal conditions for outstanding year round growth.

Our Team

Meet your local farmer:
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Meurig Freeman

Founder and head Farmer
When you’ve got a passion for growing plants, led lighting, control systems and software, it seems only natural to start your own urban farm!

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